Monday, 19 May 2014

Tips from the Guardian for creating shareable content

Tips from the Guardian for creating shareable content

The Guardian looks to sites such as BuzzFeed and Vice to understand more about what makes content highly shareable, Laura Oliver, the outlet's social and community editor, UK, said at the London Social Media Summit.

"We take these guys very seriously," Oliver said, speaking at the event on Friday (16 May) organised by the BBC College of Journalism and the New York Times.

"We look at ways that we can learn from them [in terms of] formats, headlines, the type of content, how it's built, how shareable is it and what's going to make people share it."

She added that the Guardian also spends "a lot of time" looking at their own stories which have gone viral, and what factors may have contributed to their popularity.

Although she noted that "there's often a lot of things we can't control," she said there were three key factors that the Guardian had identified in content that was well-shared, both on social networks and other off-site sources.

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