Monday, 2 December 2013

Filmmaker's Journey: A Conversation with Dimi Nakov

Filmmaker's Journey: A Conversation with Dimi Nakov

Filmmaking is a dream career and a difficult journey. I recently interviewed New Zealand's Dimi Nakov, a filmmaker, to find out about his journey in film, and where it has taken him this far.

1) Dimi, your love of film began when you first received a stills camera at a young age, do you feel that filmmakers today don't understand the value of film as much as they should? Thank you Ric. It would be impossible for me to put everyone in the same box and speak for everyone else's values when it come to this amazing craft.For me making movies is a way of life, not a job, It's who i am. I still remember it like it was yesterday how happy I was when my grandfather gave me a small manual stills camera. It was s Zenith, black and white, 24 frames of film. My grandfather was a teacher and as well as teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry he also ran photography workshops, which I attended. I remember how fascinating it was to develop photos on my own and see how the white paper transformed to the still I had taken a week earlier. It was like magic for me back then. This experience stayed with me and it's the core of my passion.

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